2019 UQ Research, Study and Experience Tour to China Student Information

Pre-departure Information

What sort of practical experiences will be available for students to choose from?

Applications will first be considered on the study area of interest and the compatibility to disciplines offered at partner Tianjin University. In the case where disciplines may not directly correlate, further options for appropriate practical experiences will be explored. Usually students will be hosted in a lab and/or given a project to work on as part of the practical experience.

Are there any scholarships/financial support available for students selected to go on the tour?

Successful applicants that meet selected criteria will be eligible for financial assistance (see main tour page for latest information). Further information to be provided. Some faculties may also consider providing a travel stipend for their students as in previous years. Students may also apply for funding through other sources at UQ.  

What level of Chinese proficiency is required for the tour?

Students who wish to learn Mandarin are welcome to express their interest in this tour. Catered proficiency levels usually range from basic level through to intermediate/advanced. Students who have never learned Chinese before will be allocated to beginner classes upon arrival. Other students of different levels of proficiency will be given an informal test to place them in the most appropriate class. It is expected that all students are to attend the Chinese language and cultural classes to the best of their abilities.

When will I know the outcome of my application?

Successful applicants will be notified by email. Students will be required to confirm their acceptance and pay a deposit for flights.

What details/documents will I need for the tour (e.g. flights, visa, passport, accommodation etc.)?

After you have been accepted, you will need to ensure that your passport will remain valid at least 6 months after the commencement of the study tour. Students will also be responsible to apply for their own Chinese visa. The Confucius Institute at UQ will provide information on how to proceed with a visa application after all successful participants have confirmed their acceptance.

Flights and accommodation will be organised by the Confucius Institute at UQ and TJU. A group booking for flights will be made so that the best price can be offered to students. Consequently, students are expected to arrive and depart at the same time, and will not be able to organise their own flights to a different city after the tour.

Will I meet the other participants before leaving Brisbane?

The Confucius Institute will organise a pre-departure lunch for applicants before the tour commences so that everyone is familiar with each other. A formal pre-departure brieifing will also be held prior to travel.

What to Expect at Your Destination

What can I expect from the tour on a day-to-day basis?

During the weekdays, students will participate in a structured program involving practical experiences, cultural classes and Chinese language lessons. Some weekends will include tours organised by TJU as well as opportunities for students to plan their own activities. Ample free time throughout the week will allow students to spend time exploring the local area.

A detailed itinerary outlining the types of activities offered will be released closer to the start of the tour. 

Do I need to attend all activities hosted by TJU?

The student ambassadors and staff of TJU have organised activities that will provide students with the opportunity to socialise with each other and get to know the local students. Thus, you are strongly encouraged to try and participate in all activities. If unable to do so, students may request to opt out of some activities by contacting the TJU organiser and tour leaders.

What can I expect from the practical experiences provided?

The type of practical experience you receive will depend on your nominated discipline and which research team you are allocated. Experiences can include, but are not limited to: site visits, research opportunities and practical applications of your current knowledge in a research environment. TJU and UQ will work collaboratively to match you with a team that best coincides with your area of interest. 

Will there be vegetarian options available?

A range of foods including vegetarian options are available in the TJU dining halls. Students may also wish to explore local restaurants situated within close proximity of the university and accommodation.

What will the weather be like?

The weather in Tianjin will be quite warm in the June/July period. The temperature will be similar to summer in Brisbane, with greater humidity to be expected.

If you have any further queries, contact business.manager@confucius.uq.edu.au