Local high school student gains valuable work experience at UQ CI

29 June 2018

Article courtesy of Mt Maria College student, Ms Kyia Hanna-Spain whom undertook her work experience week recently at The University of Queensland’s Confucius Institute and the Institute of Modern Languages. UQ’s Confucius Institute is proud of this new initiative, regularly organising activities with local schools which engage and encourage students to learn Chinese language and culture.

During my time at UQ CI and the many engaging activities and learning opportunities I was involved in, I thoroughly enjoyed working here.

The staff made a friendly, welcoming environment and it was a very fun and informative opportunity for my work experience. I enjoyed working with Ms Ying Chi and the helpful guidance Mr Kelly gave me.

Doing Chinese arts and crafts, the office work at IML with the support of its Director, Ms Poulter, and knowing more about Chinese culture and community helped me think of my future career paths.

Working at IML helped me understand what being in a job related to language could be like, and some of the tasks that you could do in those areas.

Knowing more about the Chinese characters and more traditions Chinese people do like the paper cutting and practising the Chinese knot, made me realise how fun learning Chinese and its culture can be.

I also visited the School of Psychology on campus as it was another area of my interest, and it has helped me understand how I can plan learning a language and psychology together in the near future.