Confucius Institute Update July 2011 Edition

This year has seen the CI continue to deliver on its promise to offer a comprehensive range of educational and cross cultural experiences for students and staff here at UQ, as well as the community. Here are some more highlights from the first half of 2011.

The 10th Annual “Chinese Bridge” Chinese Proficiency Competition Queensland Preliminaries held at UQ

The Confucius Institute at UQ successfully hosted the Queensland Preliminary Competition for the 10th annual international “Chinese Bridge” Chinese Proficiency Competition on the University’s St Lucia campus on Saturday, 7th May 2011.

After nearly several hours of intense competition, the first prize in Queensland this year went to Matthew Garratt from QUT. Brooke Eason from the UQ took second place, while Tomas Radovic also from UQ was awarded third place.

The competition was a wonderful experience for all who attended and we look forward to holding it again next year.

Public lecture on parenting and education successfully held at UQ

The Confucius Institute at The University of Queensland successfully hosted a public lecture entitled ‘An intercultural debate on parenting and education’ presented by Mr. Fred Hong on Thursday, 24 March.

The lecture drew the conclusion that each style of raising children has its merits and its shortcomings, and parents must tailor their style of education and upbringing to the child and not expect siblings to have the same interests or to perform equally well in all areas. Mr Hong also noted that even Amy Chua had her regrets on her style of mothering as it did not work as well for her second child.

The public lecture was both informative and interesting. It offered a great insight into the different styles of parenting in Western and Chinese culture, and made everyone reflect on the way they raise children.

HSK Test successfully held at UQ

The Confucius Institute at UQ held the HSK Chinese proficiency test on Saturday 21st May 2011.

This test included both HSK speaking & HSK writing examinations. Altogether over 20 students from both within and outside of UQ took part in the HSK exams. A preparation course was also offered for both speaking and writing components.

The HSK writing test will be held again later in the year on Saturday 3rd September 2011. All are welcome to apply. The CI will again be offering a preparation course for the HSK writing exam beginning starting from the second half of July for 5 weeks.

Confucius Institute Scholarship Awarded to Brooke Eason

The Confucius institute is pleased to announce that another UQ student has been given a scholarship to study in China. Brooke Eason will start her one-year study at Heilongjiang University in Northeast China later this year.

We hope that Brooke finds her experience both enjoyable and rewarding.

If you are interested in applying for this scholarship next year, please visit out website or contact us in March/April next year. Students who have previously sat the HSK Chinese standards examination are encouraged to apply.

Two Students Awarded CSC Scholarship to Study a PhD at UQ

With the help of the CI, another two students form Tianjin University have been admitted to study a PhD at UQ. They will start their PhD next semester in the Faculties of of EAIT and Science. One student will work in the School of Architecture to look at developing sustainable communities. The second student will be performing research in financial risk management to develop better methods in handling risk management.

CI Sponsored Forum on Translation and Interpreting

The Confucius Institute co-sponsored the annual translating and interpreting forum organized by the School of Languages & Comparative Cultural Studies on Friday 13 May 2011. This forum was held to discuss issues related to translating and interpreting services in Queensland, translating and interpreting research, and translating and interpreting teaching and learning. The forum brought together presenters from the local translating and interpreting industry and academia.

LCCS Teacher Awarded Pedagogy Workshop in China

The CI has sponsored the participation of an LCCS Chinese language teacher in a workshop on Chinese language pedagogy in China from 3-30 July. Daomin Gu is currently attending this workshop in Beijing University. This program, offered by Hanban, gives international teachers of Chinese a chance to develop their teaching in China.

Deputy Director of Hanban visited UQ and the Confucius Institute

The Confucius Institute at UQ was honoured by the visit of Mr HU Zhiping, Deputy Director of the Confucius Institute Headquarters (Hanban), on Thursday, 7 April 2011. Mr Hu met with Professor Michael Keniger, Senior Deputy Vice-Chancellor, and Dr Anna Ciccarelli, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (International). Two years ago in Beijing, Mr Hu and Professor Keniger signed the agreement which established the Confucius Institute at UQ.

After the meeting with SDVC and DVC(I), Mr Hu visited the UQ Confucius Institute. Professor Ping Chen, Director of the CI, introduced the activities and events organized by the CI in 2010 and its plan for 2011. Mr Hu expressed his satisfaction with the achievements of the UQ Confucius Institute and reiterated his strong support for the Institute.

The Confucius Institute Welcomes Anna Fan

This year, the Confucius Institute has welcomed the appointment of a new staff member by Hanban. Anna Fan has joined the CI at UQ as a Chinese Tutor. Anna obtained a MA in Linguistics from the Department of Linguistics and Modern Language at the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2006. Prior to working at UQ, Anna had several years teaching experience as a lecturer in Chinese at the School of International Education at Tianjin University.

Anna will be assisting the CI by being involved in the design and delivery of courses in Chinese language and culture such as teaching the HSK preparation courses and business Chinese courses. Please make her feel welcome if you meet her at one of the CI events this year.

CI Board Meeting held on 1st July 2011

The CI held their first board meeting for 2011 via teleconference on 1st July 2011. The board members from both Tianjin University and UQ met and the CI Director, Prof. Ping Chen gave a mid year report on the events and activities organised by the Confucius Institute at UQ this year.

Assisting with UQ’s general engagement with China

Over the first half of the year, the CI received visiting delegates to Australia from many universities in China including Chinese Academy of Sciences and Shanghai Jiaotong University.

The CI also welcomed several delegates from Hebei province who donated some excellent books on local Hebei culture as well as artwork from the local region.

Confucius Institute Fellowship awarded to Lin Zhang

Professor Lin Zhang from Tianjin University has been awarded a CI Fellowship. He will come to UQ in the second semester and work with Dr. Lizhong He and his research team at the Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology at UQ.