The 2017 Chinese Bridge Competition






Compete for a range of prizes, awards and vouchers through Mandarin language and cultural knowledge!

Chinese Bridge Competition

The "Chinese Bridge" Chinese Proficiency Competition for International University Students is a large-scale international contest sponsored by the Office of the Chinese Language Council International (Hanban) in Beijing, and is well-known in cultural and educational exchanges worldwide. The competition is held yearly and is organised and carried out by the Organising Committee. This is the 17th "Chinese Bridge" Chinese Proficiency Competition. To date over 600,000 college students from 110 countries have participated in the competition.

For those interested in Mandarin and/or Chinese culture, the 2017 Queensland Preliminary Competition held at The University of Queensland is one not to be missed. There are attractive prizes, with the top two university participants (advanced division) offered an all-expense-paid trip to China (including round-trip tickets, accommodation, food and transportation domestically) to experience China first-hand and compete with other students from around the world in the grand finals. Non-university participants (over 18) are also welcomed to compete in the Queensland Preliminary Competition.

The 2017 Queensland Preliminary Competition, hosted by the Confucius Institute at The University of Queensland in conjunction with the Chinese Consulate-General of the People's Republic of China in Brisbane and the Tourism Confucius Institute at Griffith University will be held on Saturday, 20th May 2017.



Chinese Bridge Registration Information



Participants of a non-native Chinese speaking background will be eligible to compete in the Chinese Bridge Competition.

Categories / Divisions 

To encourage participants of all levels of Mandarin ability and/or understanding of Chinese culture, the Chinese Bridge competition is structured across 3 categories/divisions:

  • University Students Division - This Division is open to students undergoing tertiary education (TAFE or University) in Queensland.

This division is divided into:

  1. University Students - Lower Division 
  2. University Students - Advanced Division  
  • Non-University Division - This division is open to participants who are not currently in university and are above 18 years of age.          

Competition Options

1. University Students - Lower Division 

Participants in this division may select to participate in either an Oral Presentation (2-3 minutes), Cultural Arts Performance (5-6 mins), or both. 

2. University Students - Advanced Division 

Participants in this division are required to undertake a Cultural Knowledge written test. In addition to the test, participants may also select to participate in either an Oral Presentation (3-4 minutes), Cultural Arts Performance (5-6 mins), or both.

3. Non-University Participants

Participants in this division may select to participate in either an Oral Presentation (2-3 minutes), Cultural Arts Performance (5-6 mins), or both. 

Note: Participants who compete in the written test, oral presentation AND cultural arts performance at the advanced level will be eligible to compete for the top prize of sponsored travel to China and to compete in the International Final!

Which Option(s) to Select?

1. Cultural Knowledge (Advanced Division Only)

This is a 30-minute written test involving multiple-choice and short answer questions about Chinese language and culture. 

2. Oral Presentation

Contestants in the Advanced Division will orally present a short reading or speech on a chosen topic relevant to “Dreams for a Brighter Future”. Contestants in the Lower Division and Non-University participant category are free to choose their own topic.

3. Cultural Arts Performance

This is a chance to showcase talents and efforts invested in learning Chinese/Chinese culture. Performances can be anything related to China’s unique culture, including singing, dancing, playing a musical instrument, calligraphy, Chinese martial arts, and recitation of a Chinese poem.

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For those that wish to simply showcase their talents and enjoy the day, the University Student Lower Division (or Non-University participant category) is the best option. Participants who wish to compete for sponsored travel to China and represent Australia in the Chinese Bridge Competition should register for the University Student Advanced Division.

Contact the Confucius Institute at UQ or the Griffith University Tourism Confucius Institute should any assistance be required in preparing for the Chinese Bridge Competition. 

On May 20, family and friends are also welcome to the event to support participants! A light lunch will be available and each event attendee will also have the chance to win one of the many prizes in the lucky draw. The major lucky draw prize is a round-trip ticket to China!


A host of prizes will be on offer for both competition participants and attendees at the 2017 Chinese Bridge Chinese Proficiency Competition at UQ. Each category and division will have prizes on offer for a range of achievements. A panel of judges appointed by the organizing committee will adjudicate competition proceedings and again look forward to many diverse, entertaining and talented performances. 

Key Dates

  • Application submission Due time: May 10, 2017
  • Competition Date: 20 May 2017


See registration link to the application form at the top of the page. Please complete and return to

Event Timetable (Subject to Change)

1. Chinese Knowledge Written Test for Advanced:

  • Time: 10:00 – 10:30
  • Venue: Building 47A - Room 141

2. Oral Presentation:

  • Time : 10:30-12:30
  • Venue:  Building 49 - Room 200 (Advanced Engineering Building)

3. Lunch Break :

  • Time: 12:30-13:30
  • Venue: TBC

4. ​Cultural Arts Performance:

  • Time :13:30-16:00
  • Venue: Building 49 - Room 200 (Advanced Engineering Building)

5. ​Chinese Arts Performance:  

  • Time :16:00-16:30
  • Venue: Building 49 - Room 200 (Advanced Engineering Building)

6. Awards Ceremony:

  • Time: 16:30-17:00
  • Venue:  Building 49 - Room 200 (Advanced Engineering Building)

7. Group Photo:

  • Time: 17:00-17:10
  • Venue: Building 49 - Room 200 (Advanced Engineering Building)


Chinese Bridge QLD Preliminaries @ UQ

Sat 20 May 2017 9:45am5:00pm


(For main Chinese Bridge events)
Advanced Engineering Building - Building 49, Room 200

(For Advanced Level Cultural Test):
Sir James Foots Building - Building 47A, Room 141

The University of Queensland, University Drive, St. Lucia




Confucius Institute at The University of Queensland
3346 7750