Interested in Chinese Culture or Chinese Film?

Registrations now open for short courses on Chinese Film and Chinese Culture beginning in August 2018. Course participation is free for UQ students and staff. Please register your interest.

Course #1 (4 sessions) 1 August – 29 August 2018

Course Name: Chinese Film Appreciation 

Time: Wednesdays 12pm to 12:50pm

Location: Forgan Smith Building, Room E218

Proposed Topics: “To Live” 《活着》

Directed by the Chinese famous director Zhang Yimou, “To Live” 《活着》 won a series of international and domestic film awards. The story started in 1940s and moved on with the background of the massive social and political changes in 1950s up to 1980s in mainland China.

Each session will consists of a brief introduction, a 20-minute film appreciation and a discussion. 

* Mandarin skills not a requirement. Discussions in English and film with English subtitles.

Course #2 (5 sessions) 2 August – 30 August 2018

Course Name: Chinese Culture Appreciation 

Time: Thursdays 12pm to 12:50pm

Location: Forgan Smith Building, Room E218

Proposed Topics: 

  1. Facial masks in Peking Opera: Colours and meanings
  2. Chinese traditional courtyards in Beijing: Structures, decorations and symbols
  3. History of the Silk Road
  4. Confucianism and Fashion Changes in Chinese history
  5. Leftover women in China

Why increase your understanding of Chinese culture/ Chinese Film Arts?

  • Career Development: China is currently Australia’s largest trading partner playing an important role in Australia’s trade strategies and development. With a range of exchange taking place with China, having strong cultural understanding will no doubt be highly advantageous.
  • Travel: If you have travelled to China or are planning on travelling to China, cultural understanding will enrich your experience significantly. Depending on personal interests, China's extensive history and culture extends to the Arts, music, cuisine, dance and architecture to name a few.
  • Language Learners: For learners and speakers of Mandarin, understanding Chinese culture increases opportunities for language learning development as language and culture are intricately intertwined. High proficiency in Mandarin can be difficult to master without some degree of cultural understanding.

Who can participate in this course?

Members of the UQ Community including UQ students and staff.

Register your Interest:

Register your interest by emailing Students please advise of course studying, for staff please advise position held at UQ. 

This course has limited places. Applications will be reviewed on a first-come first-served basis.

Before applying, please consider whether you can attend the majority of sessions. No show will disadvantage others wishing to participate in the course.