Intermediate Chinese Business Etiquette


China is renowned as one of Australia’s (and Queensland’s) leading trade partners, connecting international trade and investment pathways as highlighted by a China-Australia Free Trade Agreement. With the strengthening of Sino-Australian connections, exchanges in fields beyond trade and investment to education, research and cultural spaces have continued to grow to benefit Australia as a global community partner.

With further emphasis on international connections, strong cross-cultural understanding becomes a key component of successful people-to-people exchange. In the case of China, developing an understanding of its culture and etiquette practices would be important for more fluent business and social relationships and interactions with Chinese counterparts.  

The Intermediate Chinese Business Etiquette session aims to introduce aspects of Chinese etiquette in relation to both social and business environments. This session is open to all staff. No prior knowledge of Chinese etiquette is required. Staff members who engage with Chinese students, visitors, academics, researchers, and industry/government connections in their roles may particularly benefit from the session.

The session may focus on (but not be limited to):

Chinese beliefs and global outlook, Chinese culture and its related influences on social life, behaviours, arts, architecture, medicine and cuisine, cultural symbolism, localism and its cause, Chinese cultural origins, Chinese civilisation as well as how the culture is reflected through the Chinese language and related thinking patterns.     


Monday 21st November, 2022: 10am to 12pm (delivery mode: face-to-face)

How to Apply:

Registration is required. UQ Staff can register for this course through Workday Learning.