Materials are available to assist with the preparation for HSK learning, particular in relation to the Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE). Materials include text, resources and learning implementation guidelines. Content is available under following 7 categories:

    1. Business and commerce - learning materials

    1. The Silk Road

    There was an ancient trans-Asian trade route trade known as the Silk Road. This road’s starting point was the ancient Chinese capital of Chang'an, extending northwest to the east coast of the Mediterranean and eventually reaching Rome.

    2. Zhang Qian and the Silk Road

    The great Han dynasty explorer and diplomat Zhang Qian spent his lifetime opening up the Silk Road. This is Zhang Qian’s story.

    3. Su Wu herding sheep

    Su Wu was a Han dynasty diplomat, sent to the far west. There he was asked to betray the dynasty, but he refused and was detained in great hardship at Lake Beihai, herding sheep for 19 years. He remained unyielding in the face of brutal force and came to be regarded as a model of loyalty to the dynasty.

    4. Xuanzang’s journey to the west

    Xuangzang (c. 602–664 AD) was a Chinese Buddhist who travelled to India to study Buddhist scripture. The 17-year overland journey was full of adventure. Xuangzang successfully returned with many Buddhist texts, which he devoted the rest of his life to studying and translating.