HSK Chinese language proficiency testing

In recognising the importance of Mandarin skills in an increasingly globalised climate, the Confucius Institute at the University of Queensland encourages students of the language to test their skills in the form of the HSK and HSKK.

The standard HSK test (Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi) is available to scholars of all ages. The HSK Speaking Test (HSKK) assesses the test takers’ ability to express themselves in oral Chinese and is an important part of the Chinese testing system. These are standardized exams for Chinese language proficiency and are aimed at non-native Chinese speakers of all levels. The HSK/HSKK are a highly valued tool used in the assessing those with aspirations for study, research and employment in China.

Students who excel at the higher HSK levels may also be eligible for support offered by the China National Committee for Chinese Proficiency Test for study in China.

Test Benefits:

  • Evaluate your Mandarin abilities
  • Receive official recognition for your language skills
  • Results may be useful for study and work applications to China
  • Expand vocabulary through the test preparation materials (available online - refer below)

Test Dates 2024 

Test DateTest TypeStatus Due Date  (Registration & Payment)Test Type
Mar. 16HSK / HSKKScheduledFeb. 16Paper-based
May 19HSKScheduledApr. 19Paper-based
Sep. 8HSK / HSKKScheduledAug. 8Paper-based
Dec. 8HSKScheduledNov. 8Paper-based

** Online test enrolment and test payment must be completed no later than one month prior to test date.

** Schools/Organisations interested in YCT testing (aimed at younger learners) may contact UQ CI directly for potential testing dates.

Photo Requirements 

A digital photo is required as part of the application process. To complete a HSK registration, applicants are required to upload a photo via the registration website (along with the test fee payment) no later than one month prior to the test date. 

Photo requirements:

  • Recent ID (standard 2 inches) passport-style photo (taken within last 6 months). White background is recommended in portrait-style framing (Note: No lifestyle/scenic photos will be accepted).
  • no hats, headbands, sunglasses, etc. (except those with special religious beliefs)
  • black and white or colour photos are both acceptable.

Note - The registration system accepts JPEG photos only (not PNG) with an ideal size up to 100kb (minimum 180 x 240 pixels). If there are any issues uploading, please contact the Institute. Photos with an obscured view of the face, or taken at an angle other than square on will not be accepted. Note photo background requirements also.

An acceptable photo is required as part of the application for testing. Test takers will not be permitted entry to the testing venue if the photo requirements are not met. 

Test Fees:

  • HSK $35 to $75 (depending on level)
  • HSKK $35 to $75 (depending on level)

Test Registration:

  1. Please complete your registration via the HSK Webportal (select date of test)
  2. Make the test payment via UQ's Online Payment System (fee will automatically appear once test level is selected). A receipt will be generated.
  3. After completing the application form and payment, notification regarding access to the test admission ticket will be sent to test takers approximately 10 days prior to the test date.  


Prior to the Test

  • Test takers must register and pay for the test no later than 1 month prior to the test. Any unpaid or incomplete applications beyond this date will be invalid
  • Test takers will receive an email notification approximately 10 days before the test informing of the availability of the Test Ticket (which contains test details including location and time)

Test Day

  • Test takers are to arrive at the test venue with the Test Ticket, original ID (the same ID that was used to register for the test) and 2B pencils to complete the test
  • HSK levels 2, 4 and 6 start at 9:00am. HSK levels 1, 3 and 5 start at 1:30pm
  • Test takers will not be permitted to enter the test venue once the listening section of the test has commenced (entry may be permitted once that section is completed)
  • In the case where the ID cannot be verified (i.e. not matching the test ticket), the test may be invalid

After the test

  • Test results can be checked 30-40 days after the test. To check the test result, visit the HSK Tests Service website
  • The hardcopy certificates require up to 2 months to arrive. Test takers will be contacted once the certificates become available

Online Resources:

The HSK Webportal also offers practice options for test takers (login/registration and fees may apply).

The Confucius Institute at UQ periodically runs free HSK preparation sessions for test takers looking to prepare for the HSK test. See events for upcoming sessions.    


Please direct your questions regarding the HSK/HSKK/YCT to uqci@uq.edu.au 

Schools are also welcome to contact the Confucius Institute at UQ should they need assistance with HSK preparation and testing.