Professor Jianping Liu commenced at Tianjin University in April 2002 as University Secretary of CPC Committee, and Chairman of Administrative Council. Professor Jianping Liu's research interest focuses on Machinery Dynamics and New-type Metallurgy Equipment.

Professor Jianping Liu graduated from the Department of Mechanical Engineering of Beijing Steel & Iron College in 1976 and resumed his master degree study in Mechanical Engineering in 1980 after several years of working at the same university. Joining the faculty after his graduation, he served at the Division of Metallurgy of the Department as lecturer, Associate Division Director, and Associate Dean of the Department from 1983 to 1992.

He was appointed Deputy Administrator of Chongwen District of Beijing Municipality in 1992 and served as Director of District Committee of Science & Technology concurrently. In 1994, Professor Jianping Liu came back to the University of Science and Technology Beijing (the former Beijing Steel & Iron College) as Deputy Director of Board of Directors of university-run enterprises, Deputy Secretary, Secretary of CPC Committee, and Chairman of Administrative Council of the University.