Ms Vivian Man Wai Fung is Chair of the Sino-Aust Culture Association Inc, Member of the International Confucian Association, and Honorary Advisor to the Australian Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies at UQ.

Born in Shanghai, China, Vivian migrated to Australia in 1986. As a former managing director of Bulight Australia Pty. Ltd., and Oriental Tourism and Trade Australia Pty. Ltd., she has had extensive bilateral experience in both commercial trade and tourism with China. As a former member of the Australia-China Council, Vivian has been instrumental in building closer cultural and trading ties between Australia and China. In recognition of this contribution, she was appointed as Honorary Tourism and Trade Ambassador for the Gold Coast and continues to make a substantial contribution in deepening ties between the two countries.

She firmly believes that cultural, educational and artistic exchanges will further enhance existing trading partnerships between Australia and China. “We are all ambassadors for our country. In our contacts with people from other cultures, positive attitudes and integrity can have the greatest impact of all,” she says. This combination of bicultural understanding and commercial experience makes Ms. Fung a much sought after and frequent choice to accompany official Australian Government and commercial delegations visiting China. She is currently a member and honorary advisor to the Development Committee for the Australian Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies, here at UQ.