Hubei Government delegation visits UQ

30 May 2016

On May 30th, a senior delegation from the Provincial Government of Hubei, China visited UQ’s Confucius Institute. The delegation was led by Mr Liang Weinian, Senior Executive of Hubei Province in charge of education.

The main purpose of the visit was to establish links between Confucius Institute at UQ and a liberal arts college, Jingxin College in  Hubei Province. Jingxin College dates back to 900 years ago, focussing on the teaching and research of traditional Chinese classics. It was recently substantially renovated  with the support of the local business sector and government. 

Director of the Confucius Institute at UQ, Professor Ping Chen, met with the delegation to explore collaborative opportunities between CI at UQ and Jingxin College in Wuhan in student and staff exchange and joint research projects.