UQ CI acknowledged for HSK contributions

15 June 2022

The Confucius Institute at The University of Queensland (UQ CI) was recently awarded the title of Excellent Chinese Test Center (2021) for its continued delivery of the Mandarin Proficiency Test HSK to the Queensland community.

Jointly awarded by the Center for Language Education and Cooperation and Chinese Testing International, UQ CI has continued to provide support to mandarin language learners throughout the COVID-19 period in the form of the HSK, HSKK (Spoken Test) and YCT (Youth Test) held at both UQ and partnering schools.

The award is the second of such kind to be received by UQ CI, following on from the 2017 Excellence Award in Chinese Test in late 2017 which recognised work undertaken by the Institute over many years towards promoting the HSK Chinese Proficiency Test in Queensland schools and to the general public.

The HSK has continued to provide Queensland students the opportunity to certify their language skills against an internationally recognised standard. Primary school, high school, and university students as well as community members have sat the test over the years, offering a range of benefits towards further study and career opportunities.

The HSK Chinese Proficiency Test is a standardised Chinese test for evaluating language skills across reading comprehension, writing, and listening disciplines (HSK) offered across several levels of proficiency.

Two test dates remain in 2022 (September 17 and December 4). Test registration is required no later than one month prior to the test date. Further HSK test details can be found on the HSK test webpage.