Workshop delivers for International PhD Students

19 Nov 2014


On November 19th, 2014, The University of Queensland successfully facilitated a ‘Workshop for publishing your research in top journals’ for PHD students studying at UQ. Aimed at international students, the workshop provided an important platform for developing PHD research at UQ.

Key topics addressed during the workshop included Writing top journal papers as a UQ RHD student, Scientific Writing, and practical experiences in relation to publications in the field of Nature and Science. With a large number of students new to Brisbane and UQ, a session on student safety was also included in the program.

Students attending the workshop found the content to be highly beneficial to their PHD research, particularly as many were beginning the process of planning their research to be conducted at UQ.

The workshop delivered by senior UQ professors and teaching staff was held in conjunction with the Confucius Institute at UQ, the Queensland Chinese Association for Scientists and Engineers, and the Education Section of the Consulate General of Peoples Republic of China in Brisbane.

Workshops and information sessions for PHD students are held on an annual basis providing a key opportunity to develop stronger linkages between incoing students and the university.


Interested students are welcome to contact the Confucius Institute for further information.