Little Asia Laneway returns to UQ

31 May 2022

Building on the success of previous instalments in 2018 and 2019, the Little Asia Laneway again returned to UQ on May 25 to celebrate and highlight cultural diversity.

Hosted by UQ Life (Student Services) in the Duhig Library Gardens, this year’s program included a range of food markets, workshops, pop-up entertainment, musicians, dance performances and activities.

UQ CI was invited to support this event through the delivery of interactive workshops on Chinese papercutting, allowing students and visitors to gain ‘hands on’ experience in this important Chinese art form. Held across three sessions, the workshops were well attended by enthusiastic participants. Attendees were also able to have their work framed as part of the take-away from the workshops.

With UQ’s ongoing commitment to multi-culturalism, as well as a strong international student body, this event was again a success in bringing together students and community members to celebrate the diversity of Asian cultures. UQ CI was pleased to be able to contribute to such an iconic cultural event.