Our short courses in Chinese language and culture

We provide a gateway to Chinese language and culture, including a variety of short courses for UQ students and staff and for the broader community.

1. Short course for UQ students: Culture and Modern China

The Confucius Institute at The University of Queensland will host a free short course on Chinese Culture and its relationship to modern society for UQ students.

This 5 session course aims to promote a stronger understanding of various key aspects of Chinese culture and will ideally cover:

  • Key aspects of Chinese culture (including but not limited to food, media, the arts, societal characteristics etc.)
  • How they relate to today's China
  • How Chinese culture is reflected globally

Why is it beneficial to develop and/or increase an understanding of Chinese culture?

  • Career Development: China is currently Australia’s largest trading partner playing an important role in Australia’s trade strategies and development. With a range of exchange taking place with China, having a strong cultural understanding will no doubt be highly advantageous.
  • Travel: If you have travelled to China or are planning on travelling to China, cultural understanding will enrich your experience significantly. Depending on personal interests, China's extensive history and culture extends to the Arts, music, cuisine, dance and architecture to name a few.
  • Language Learners: For learners and speakers of Mandarin, understanding Chinese culture increases opportunities for language learning development as language and culture are intricately intertwined. High proficiency in Mandarin can be difficult to master without some degree of cultural understanding.

Who can participate in this course:

  • UQ students that are currently enrolled.

About the course (proposed):

  • Dates: Thursday September 15, 22 & October 6, 13, 20
  • Time: 12:00pm – 12:50pm
  • Location: Forgan Smith Building (#1), Room E218
  • Other: Light food will be provided each session

Expressions of interest for this course have now closed - please contact business.manager@confucius.uq.edu.au for information about future courses.