Our short courses in Chinese language and culture

We provide a gateway to Chinese language and culture, including a variety of short courses for UQ students and staff and for the broader community.

6. HSK & YCT preparation courses (cost included in test fee)

For students interested in developing HSK and YCT test taking skills, consideration may be given to dedicated preparation courses run by the Confucius Institute at the University of Queensland (St. Lucia campus).

Test preparation courses focus on educating potential HSK/YCT test takers on the intricacies of the exam and provide adequate preparation for the test. Courses cover:

  • analysis of the difficult questions
  • question answering skills under exam conditions
  • effective time management
  • simulation tests and marking criteria explanations
  • skill development for listening, speaking, reading and writing including grammar-focused exercises

Preparation courses are taught by senior lecturers with extensive HSK teaching experience. Lecturers aim to assist course participants improve their exam technique through systematic anaylsis of mock test papers.

Expressions of Interest

Students interested in preparation courses may contact w.zhang4@uq.edu.au to discuss program particulars and individual requirements.