2. Chinese Business Etiquette – Advanced

Duration: 2 hours (1 x 120 minute session)

Coordinator: The Confucius Institute UQ

Presenter: Mr. Fred Hong

Prerequisite: Sound knowledge/experience in Chinese culture and business etiquette

Register: https://staffdevelopment.hr.uq.edu.au/course/WSCBEA

China is one of the leading trading partners to both Australia and to Queensland. Highlighted by the recent formalisation of a China-Australia Free Trade Agreement (ChAFTA), there is an expectation that Sino-Australian engagement will continue to increase through various avenues including trade, investment, education, research and cultural exchange.

With this increased exchange, there will also be a stronger emphasis on people to people engagement. Having an understanding Chinese culture and its relationship to interactions with Mandarin speakers will be highly beneficial to those who wish to forward their connections with greater China. 

This short course will benefit participants that regularly interact with Chinese students, visitors, academics, researchers, and industry/government connections, providing an understanding of key cultural aspects and how they shape behaviours, traditions, and interpretations.
The Course:       

This course adopts an interactive approach focusing on the following (but not limited to):

Chinese beliefs and global outlook, Chinese culture and its related influences on social life, behaviours, arts, architecture, medicine and cuisine, cultural symbolism, localism and its cause, Chinese cultural origins, Chinese civilisation as well as how the culture is reflected through the Chinese language and related thinking patterns.