Confucius China Studies Program | Expressions of interest for 2017

2 December 2016

The Confucius China Studies Program, offered by Confucius Institute Headquarters, provides funding for doctoral students and academics to study or carry out work in China and for workshops and publications on China Studies related topics.

Expressions of interest for 2017 are now open.

Students, researchers and academics are encouraged to apply.

The Program consists of six subprograms in the academic areas of Humanities and Social Sciences.

I.Joint Research Ph.D. Fellowship

To support doctoral students (candidates) registered with Australian universities to come to China to study, research and write their doctoral 
dissertations. Students may receive their Ph.D. degrees from either their Australian university or from both the Chinese and Australian Universities.

II. Ph.D. in China Fellowship

This is to support Australian students to pursue full-time Ph.D. degrees in the humanities and social sciences at Chinese universities.

III. “Understanding China” Fellowship

This is to support teachers, researchers, and postdoctoral scholars with the credential of assistant professor (equivalent) or above from foreign universities and academic institutes to undertake research with Chinese researchers in China.

IV. Young Leaders Fellowship

  • To support outstanding youths with at least a Bachelor's Degree and holding a position within the field of politics, economics, finance, law, education, culture, arts and media to visit China
  • To support senior undergraduates or graduates holding a position in students' associations at foreign universities to visit China.

V. International Conference Grant

This is to support universities, research institutes, and scholars to hold or attend international academic conferences on Sinology and/or China Studies.

VI. Publication Grant

To support foreign scholars to publish or translate relevant monographs, doctoral dissertations or founding relevant academic journals on Sinology and/or China Studies. The leading applicant must be non-Chinese citizens.

  • Visit the Hanban website for further information about the programs.

  • Read more for suggestions of research topics.

  • The Confucius Institute at the University of Queensland can help assist interested students and scholars with the process of applying for CCSP Fellowships, but is not responsible for decisions or recommendations on applications or funding. 

  • Expression of interest are now open for 2017 applications – contact the Confucius Institute at UQ at