UQ CI rewarded for 2017 HSK Achievements

2 February 2018

In late 2017, the Confucius Institute at UQ was awarded the ‘2017 Excellence Award in Chinese Test’ by Chinese Testing International (Hanban Confucius Institutes).

The award, the first of its kind to be received by UQ CI, was in recognition of the work the Institute has undertaken over many years towards promoting the HSK Chinese Proficiency Test in Queensland schools and to the general public.

The award was presented at a ceremony during the 2017 Confucius Institutes Conference in China, received by UQ CI Director Professor Ping Chen.

“We are pleased to have received this award in recognition of the HSK work undertaken in recent years in Queensland, and most importantly, in recognition of all of the schools, organisations and individuals UQ CI has collaborated with to achieve such outstanding results in relation to HSK testing” Professor Chen said.

In recent years, the number of HSK test takers undertaking the exam through UQ CI has risen, particularly among High School students.

The HSK Chinese Proficiency Test is a standardised Chinese test for evaluating language skills across reading comprehension, writing and listening disciplines (HSK), as well as speaking (HSKK), offered across a number of levels of proficiency.

Each year UQ CI will invite students to undertake HSK testing, with 2018 dates (available on the UQ CI website) currently scheduled for March, May, September and October (for HSK) and May and October (for HSKK).

Students are advised to register for tests via www.chinesecio.com no later than one month prior to the testing date, and to sufficiently prepare by using the study resources offered through the HSK registration website.

Visit the UQ CI HSK testing webpage for details or contact uqhsk@uq.edu.au.