Materials are available to assist with the preparation for HSK learning, particular in relation to the Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE). Materials include text, resources and learning implementation guidelines. Content is available under following 7 categories:

    3. Media Studies - learning materials

    1. Little Tadpoles Look for Mama《小蝌蚪找妈妈》

    A cloud of tadpoles was born. They asked “Who is our mama?”, but not knowing the answer, they set out to search for their mother. After mistaking a goldfish, crab, tortoise and even a big catfish for their mother, the tadpoles eventually found their real mama — a frog.

    2. Ma Liang and the Magic Brush《神笔马良》

    Based on a Chinese folk legend, this film narrates the story of the young, talented peasant boy, Ma Liang, who was given a magic brush that turned his drawings into real objects. A corrupt official wanted to manipulate Ma Liang’s genius for materialistic gains, but Ma Liang foiled the official’s attempt. Ma Liang symbolised wisdom, bravery and righteousness in every child.

    3. Zhu Bajie Eats Watermelons《猪八戒吃西瓜》

    The plot derives from an adaptation of part of the classical novel Journey to the West by Wu Cheng’en. One scorching day, the lazy, gluttonous pig Zhu Bajie gobbled up a watermelon, leaving nothing for his thirsty master and the other two apprentice brothers, one of them being Sun Wukong, the Monkey King. In order to punish him, Sun Wukong transformed into a watermelon peel, following Bajie and playing tricks on him.

    4. Havoc in Heaven 《大闹天宫》

    This Beijing Opera-style animation highlights the mayhem that Monkey King caused in the Heavenly Kingdom. Despite his rebellion, Monkey King returns to the Mountain of Flowers and Fruit, living out a happy life with his clan of monkeys.

    5. Nezha Wreaking Havoc at Sea (Nezha Conquers the Dragon King) 《哪吒闹海》

    The Dragon King hitches up with the dragon kings of other seas and unleashes a raging storm, wreaking havoc on Chentang Pass and demanding Nezha's magic weapons. Not wanting to involve others in any further misery, Nezha commits suicide. Thus freed from its physical confinement, Nezha's spirit in a lotus flower and transforms the flower into an exact duplicate of the original Nezha.

    6. Nine-coloured Deer 《九色鹿》

    The Deer of Nine Colors (sometimes called Nine-Color Deer) is a Chinese short film, produced at Shanghai Animation Film Studio. Co-directed by Qian Jiajun and Dai Tielang, it was completed in 1981. As described in the film's introduction, the story is based on a series of paintings made by unknown artists at Dunhuang Cave.

    7. Scatterbrain and Crosspatch 《没头脑和不高兴》

    A school principal teaches his students, Scatterbrain and Crosspatch, the consequences of not paying attention in school.

    8. Monkey King’s Duel with God Erlang (Erlangshen) 《大战二郎神》

    This is episode 5 of Animated TV Series Journey to the West. The Heavenly army descends on the Flower and Fruit Mountain, where there is heavy fighting between the soldiers and well trained monkeys. Sun Kung fights and defeats theFour Heavenly Kings, who use a variety of weapons ranging from a sleep-inducing lute to a magical snake. General Li then sends in Erlang Shen and a troop of elite soldiers. Wukong uses his magic to make copies of himself and rapidly defeats the soldiers, then engages Erlang in a duel, which includes a memorable shapeshifting fight and Wukong’s attempt to evade Erlang by transforming himself into a house.

    9. Havoc at the Celestial Peach Garden 《孙悟空大闹蟠桃会》

    This is the part two of Havoc in Heaven. The second act opens with the God of the North Star trying to entice Wukong back to Heaven, but the Monkey King is wary, even with Heaven’s acceptance of the Monkey King’s title. The God makes comments about the Flower and Fruit Mountain, comparing it to the Heavenly Garden, extolling the beauty, scents and fruit compared to earthly delights. Intrigued, Wukong agrees to become the guardian of the Heavenly Garden, another minor post that he is misled to believe is important. Now assumed to be placated, he is left alone in the Garden where he eats the Empress’ peaches of immortality.